IO1: Speech and Language Therapy Childhood Education Report will include:
  • Legal regulations desk research
  • Comparative situation analysis of survey questionnaires with teachers, psychologists, pedagogues and parents of children at pre-schools and elementary schools.
  • Examples of good practices in 6 partner countries will be categorized in general, speech fluency, voice, language etc.

IO2: Benchmarks for Speech and Language Therapy Education

  • It will be based on EU-wide agreed common standards which every Speech and Language Therapist must meet in order to practice the profession.
  • It will provide a means of describing the nature and characteristics of Speech and Language Therapy at initial education.
  • It will provide general guidance for "Speech and Language Therapy Online Tools (IO3)" associated with the project main objectives, but not a specification of a detailed curriculum.
  • It will provide for variety and flexibility in the design of the online tool and encourage innovation within an agreed overall conceptual framework.

IO3: Speech and Language Therapy Online Tools

  • Articulation games with individual assessment to see child's present level of speech performance and comparison between what a child is currently doing and what they should be doing.
  • Speech therapy test descriptions and report outlines to write the reports of the child by pre-school or elementary school teacher.
  • Speech therapy word lists for common, functional, and targeted, for multiple uses as a resource therapy and/or home practice.
  • Bell curve chart to provide simple visual representation for explaining test scores to child's parents and psychological consultants that are unfamiliar with normal distribution.
  • Printable speech development chart of phoneme development in children based on the most current research.
  • Phonological processes chart as a visual chart of every phonological process with descriptions, examples, and age that they should be remediated.
  • Describing worksheet for children who need a little more assistance using descriptive language.
  • Chronological age calculator to calculate a child's chronological age for comparing their current abilities with the milestone information.
  • Online flashcards for correct articulation of letters and sounds.
  • Teaching sounds tips as free videos/animations about teaching specific speech sounds.

IO4: Resource Pack for Teachers at Initial Education

  • It will include information about speech and language disorders, how they may affect children in education settings, information on assessment strategies, interventions and useful resources.
  • It will give teachers greater confidence in working with pupils who have speech and language problems (articulation, fluency, voice, expression, cognitive communication etc.).
  • It will be prepared as an interactive resource (on a flash drive) that include documents created under IO2 and IO3 such as information about the online applications, usage scenarios, spot video and the instructional approach for pre-school and elementary school teachers.

IO5: Usability Evaluation Report

  • This report will assess the overall usability of the project intellectual outputs and piloting process.
  • It will include assessment methodologies chosen adequate to evaluate the achievement of the goals.
  • It will include a full report of piloting, testing, monitoring with:
    • Nursery and pre-primary school teachers, primary school teachers, school psychological consultants, speech and language therapists / logopedists, and special education teachers
    • Students from nursery, pre-primary schools and primary schools